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Our workshops

Through fun and engaging exercises, we introduce our young actors to world-renowned theatre practitioners including Stanislavsky and Brecht and use their practises to help develop our actors’ skillset. We look at a range of both modern and classic plays, with sessions designed so that the company are inspired, fully engaged and playing an active role.

Our workshops: Mission
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What we do

As part of the workshops, each month we will explore a wide range of activities, including:

Improvising with others

Character development

Comic timing

Character motivation

Monologues and duologues

Devising short scenes

Learning different acting styles

Voice and movement

Our workshops: Arts Education
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No experience necessary

In the Round Theatre is open to new members, regardless of experience or background. You just need to be within school years Y8-Y11 and living in, or around, Rugby and most importantly, have a curiosity in acting.

Our workshops: Welcome

Being creative together

Our workshops promise to be challenging, inspiring, but most importantly… fun.

Actors are encouraged to work together as a company to create some of their own original content, as well as exploring script from famous plays, TV shows and films.

All of these tools will not only help our participants develop as actors, but they are invaluable life skills that will support them in any industry as they head out into the world.

Our workshops: About

Register for a free taster workshop

Register your interest here and we'll invite you along to one of our workshops to try us out for free.

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Our workshops: Contact
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