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Fundraising workshops for grown-ups

Our mission at In the Round Theatre is to provide quality affordable acting workshops for the young people of Rugby.

To help subsidise this and due to popular demand, we are excited to create a monthly workshop for grown-ups for a cost of £10.00 per person, per month. 

These sessions will provide an enjoyable  environment to learn and hone your acting skills followed by a social gathering in a local pub. All proceeds raised will go towards funding the youth theatre, so you will be supporting the youth theatre whilst having fun.

Currently the workshops can accommodate up to 25 people on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested please submit your name and email address below and based on availability, we will send you details on how to apply. 

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What we'll be doing

As part of the monthly workshops for grown-ups, we will explore a wide range of activities, including:

Warm up games

We play loads of games. Literally loads - and we make no apologies. And why? Because they help with energy and focus... and because the professionals do it.

Improvising with others

Improving your improv skills allows you to truly act in the moment. Reacting on stage to what is going on around you is crucial. Improv teaches you to be open and to go with it.

Character motivation

The single most important aspect to acting. Actors need to be familiar with their character's motivation, otherwise they wont be believable on stage. It's simple.

Voice and movement

We look at the core tools at an actor's disposal - their voice and their body. Both aspects are used to communicate a character to an audience.

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